Upcoming Competitions and Appearances

Picture of Jason Rains

Jason Rains

3/31/2023-SCA event in Wagoner, Oklahoma
4/1/2023-KCBS event in Wagoner, Oklahoma
4/3/2023-Cooking class at Oklahoma Joe’s
4/28/2023-Competition Broken Arrow Elks Lodge
4/29/2023-Competition Broken Arrow Elks Lodge
5/28/2023-SCA event Elks Kickin’ Stillwater, Oklahoma
6/3/2023-Grillfest Tulsa, Oklahoma
6/23/2023-SCA event Frontier Days Lynchburg, Tennessee
8/13/2023-SCA event Mountain View, Arkansas
8/26/2023-SCA event Tulsa, Oklahoma
10/2/2023-Cooking class at Oklahoma Joe’s
10/14/2023-SCA event Sand Springs, Oklahoma
11/6/2023-Cooking class at Oklahoma Joe’s